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Spring 2020

My gold winning submission for the Skills Alberta 2020 2D/3D animation contest.



The video is a mix of both 2D and 3D techniques (including - Chroma key, parallax, track mattes, keyframing, stop motion, 3D rendered objects, 3D physics simulation for sails, animation modifiers, alpha masking, opacity keyframing & lumetri color adjustments.


All scenes, objects, and backgrounds were hand-painted & animated by me, as well as the character and effects. I used Photoshop to paint my backgrounds, and Adobe After Effects to animate everything. Finally, I imported the finished clips into Premiere Pro for color-correcting, transitions and sound effects. I used Blender to render the boat and trees in 3D. I used a homemade 3D printed camera dolly and a greenscreen I painted on the wall of my room for the live action element.

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