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My Augmented Reality App! 

Canmore Museum - Cabinet of Curiosities 

An app I made in Unity for a local museum exhibit (Play Store Download)   

Welcome to the Canmore Museum's Cabinet of Curiosities' augmented reality (AR) exhibit. This AR app allows you to explore the history of Canmore, Alberta by viewing 3D artifacts from the collection on real life surfaces!

These artifacts were scanned in through a process called photogrammetry - a technique used to convert real objects into an exact 3D digital representation. Using your phone's camera, the app combines virtual objects with your real-life background surroundings. You can walk around and view the object from any position, and learn more about its history and context. 

You can also use the app to scan specific trigger images. These images unlock models, can you collect them all?

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Scanned Models.png

The actual models that were then scanned into 3d models using the photogrammetry conversion process.

An example of the conversion process from photos to 3d model on one of my first successful Canmore Museum scans.

The actual model on the scanning turntable

A 3d render of the digitized model

The app has two modes,  a ‘select’ mode and a ‘collect’ mode. The select mode allows people to access all models instantly (meant for people who are outside of Canmore, or don’t have any images to scan) The collect mode starts with every model locked (except the first one, to show how it works) The only way to unlock a model is by scanning the corresponding trigger image. The goal is to scan every image to get every model, similar to a scavenger hunt. The images will be found on posters, which will be placed all around Canmore and in the museum. The app is on Google Play, you can check it out below. 

Click HERE to see and download the app in the Play Store.

If you have the app, here are all the images you need to scan in order to collect every model:

If you have any questions, feel free to message me on my contact page! You can find the app privacy policy HERE.

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