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Documenting my Regional and National character animation competition gold medal wins!


I've done a lot of 3D renders and stills, but I have absolutely no experience with animation, character creating, rigging, or character posing. So, I decided to enter a character animation competition! The competition was hosted by Skills Alberta, where the goal was to create an eleven second animation involving one of three wildcards learned how to model, rig, pose, and animate multiple characters from scratch in the week leading up to the competition. I won a gold medal for the provincial, meaning I also competed in the national! Everything was made in Blender 2.92, and all the animation, backgrounds, & sounds were made during the 6 hour speed-competition. 


This animation had a similar format (11 seconds, 6 hours to complete), but with different wildcards. The final animation is below: (note, sound effects had to come from a specific and limited audio library, so it sounds a little strange. The animation also had a max of eleven seconds, though I would have liked to make it longer!)

This animation won a gold medal in nationals, meaning I would represent all of Canada is there was an international competition, pretty good for having no idea how to animate a couple weeks prior!

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